An example ceremony

Below is a sample from one of my weddings.

It is the “couple’s story” (this is quite a short one); a popular part of a humanist wedding which tells the tale of the two people being wedded and how they came to be together.

I hope it will show just how much care is taken to make these weddings as meaningful and personal as possible and perhaps give a little flavour of my writing.

(It’s all been anonymised and is used with the couple’s permission.)

Mandy and Neil

“Mandy and Neil met exactly three years ago today.
“Mandy used to be the landlady of the Dog and Duck in Otherton but three and a half years ago she semi retired to her idyllic but small cottage here in the village.
“Neil, as most of you will know, is a builder. Mandy was a woman in need of a conservatory.
“Of the various builders who quoted for the new building, Mandy chose Neil; who knows what she saw in him even then and if it influenced her decision?
“Neil and Mandy have both been married before and each have children of their own. Between them they’ve experienced the highs and lows of life. Both were settled into their own single lives, contentedly surrounded by family and good friends. Neither Mandy nor Neil was looking for love on that first day.
“Planning the conservatory began, followed closely by building. As the building grew, so did the comfortable companionship between them. By the time the conservatory’s roof was topped off, they realised that they were in love.
“They like to say that their coming together was not the end of their old lives, but the beginning of a new chapter for them and their families. Their relationship is built on what went before; on two people founded in real life and everything which that can mean.
“Neil says that he is glad that he built that conservatory so well as they now both breakfast there every morning.

“Neil and Mandy share an interest in motor racing and regularly attend the local drag strip. Neil likes to drive himself and can be seen hurtling around the track by everyone except Mandy who prefers to keep her eyes shut.
“They’ve found a joint love of travelling and have taken a number of cruises together. They’ve been up the Nile and down the Mediterranean. Their most recent cruise was to North Cape in Norway last year. It was there, on deck, with the northern lights swirling above them, that Neil got down on one knee – barely shivering at all – and asked Mandy to marry him.
“And, as you can all guess, she said yes.
“So we find ourselves here today in in this beautiful garden for which Neil and Mandy want to send huge thanks to Jim for allowing them to use.
“Family and friends. Mandy and Neil have chosen to share this joyous day with you all. On a past that they share with all of you, they’re building a wonderful future; together as a couple surrounded and supported by all the people they love.”