As a small organisation that handles personal data I need to comply with UK GDPR law.

Privacy Notice

  1. The name of this business is ‘Robert Maddock Humanist Celebrant’, also trading as ‘Robert Maddock Humanist Weddings’ and ‘Robert Maddock Humanist Funerals’. The person responsible for data protection is Robert Maddock.
  2. As a small organisation that handles personal data I need to comply with the law. Data is gathered for the following purposes:
    • The preparation and delivery of wedding or funeral celebrations.
    • Billing and accounting purposes.
    • Limited publicity uses (company website, Facebook, Instagram) with the express, written permission of those involved.
  3. Data is collected from direct communication with clients (email, telephone, online messaging etc) and from face to face meetings.
  4. Data is shared only with the clients or with third parties where necessary for the planning and conducting of a ceremony and then only with the permission of the clients.
  5. Data will be kept as follows:
    • Data will be kept on the following media:
      1. Physical written or printed records. These are kept in a securely locked office within Robert Maddock’s home. Client specific data will only be removed from that office when meeting with the clients, for ceremony rehearsals or for ceremonies.
      2. All digital records are stored locally on a computer in Robert Maddock’s locked office within his home. The computer is locked or turned off when he is not present. Online backups are kept of all digital records using Google Drive.
    • Ceremony scripts will be kept unaltered for a period of six months after the ceremony. After this date, the scripts will be destroyed (including physical and digital copies) or altered to render them anonymous (and the clients unidentifiable) for future reference or marketing.
    • Original notes taken for the purpose of writing a script will be destroyed no more than one month after the ceremony.
    • Personal information about clients (eg names, address, telephone number, account details etc) will be kept for as long as legally required by HMRT (or other government body). It will then be deleted or destroyed in all forms.
    • The destruction of physical data will be via a third party confidential business shredding service.
  6. You can request access to, or correction or deletion of, your data by contacting Robert Maddock via email at [email protected] Robert Maddock will respond within one month of the request being made.
  7. You can complain about Robert Maddock’s data handling to the ICO by visiting them at or telephoning them on 0303 123 1113.
  8. I do not make automated decisions or do profiling based on the data I hold.
  9. Information will never be published on any leaflets, posters or websites without the express written consent of the client.