Remember that it’s YOUR low key wedding day!

I regularly meet couples who want nothing more that to stand by their favourite Lake District tarn with a couple of friends and tie the knot in a low key wedding. They might follow up with lunch in a country pub or simply sharing a picnic. It’s enough that they stand together, declare their love and promise to try their best to stay that way.

They don’t want the huge (and let’s face it expensive) wedding. Not for them the enormous white dress and matching mens’ morning suits. Not for them the cathedral service followed by a wedding breakfast in the 5-star hotel next door. They don’t want to arrive by Rolls Royce or stay in the Honeymoon Suite.


One of the things that such couples soon discover is that, upon announcing their engagement, huge pressure comes to bear about how your wedding day should be. Parents may want the big white wedding. Your best friends insist that the designer dress is a must. Aunty Mable, who you’ve not seen in twenty years, has to be invited – which means that the cousins have to come too. Oh, and of course, everybody at the office. Soon the venue’s not big enough. The food’s not fancy enough. The cost is spiraling and your wedding is not under your control.

Don’t Panic. Remember that it’s YOUR wedding day!

Here’s a great article written by wedding photographer Jenny of Indigo+Violet. She talks about her experience planning her own wedding and gives some great suggestions for getting the wedding that you want.

And here‘s another great story, this time from “Brides” magazine. There are some super practical ideas about how to keep numbers down and make the whole day really special.

If you’d like to talk about how a non-religious humanist wedding lends itself to a low key small wedding, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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