Together, we’ll give your wedding day more than just the personal touch.

There’s no other couple quite like you so there should no other wedding exactly like yours.

Your love story has been written over days, or months, or years. It’s complex and unique and your wedding should reflect that.

I’ll meet you and spend as long as it takes to really get to know you both – to learn your stories – what makes you tick and what fuels your love.

And from those wonderful details, I’ll craft a real wedding celebration for you both. Every word written just for you and just about you.

All my weddings are written from scratch just for you!

Although I’ll offer you a very basic framework to start with, that’s just something to get our imaginative juices flowing. The first thing we’ll do is arrange a meeting – at this point, there’s no cost to you and you’re under no obligation. Some people just want to bounce ideas.

The meeting will usually be face to face and I’m willing to travel to meet you. Meeting at the venue (if you’ve already chosen one) is a great idea as we can put ideas into context. If meeting face to face isn’t possible then a video call is just as good.

I’ll start by asking all sorts of questions to get to know you both. I’ll find out all about the two of you, what makes you tick and just why you love each other. Couples love the chance to really talk about their relationship and make sure that I understand them.

Of course, you’ll be able to ask me all the questions that you’ve got too and I’ll do my best to answer them all. It’s vital that the trust and understanding goes both ways.

Once we’re all happy that we’ve talked about everything then you get to decide if I’m the right celebrant for you.

If I am, then and only then will I ask you for a deposit to book your special day.

Then the hard work starts for me. I’ll take everything that we’ve talked about and everything that I’ve gleaned from our conversation and write a first draft of a wedding ceremony that’s just for you. It will tell your story and reflect your characters. It will include all the elements that you wanted and, most importantly, it will shout to the world about your love for each other.

But that’s not the end. You’ll be able to look at that draft and suggest changes. We can pass it backwards and forwards until you’re both completely happy with every word and gesture.

Every word written just for you and just about you.