Is a Humanist wedding legal in England? At the time of writing this blog, no. They are legal in other parts of the UK, namely Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey and Humanists UK hope that this situation might change soon. You can find out more by visiting Humanists UK.

So why would you want a Humanist wedding?

Humanist wedding / Legal Marriage

There are many things in life where we separate the legal from the societal. Take naming children, for example. Parents legally name their child at a register office. However that’s not really the naming ceremony where friends and family welcome the new human being.

Humanists think about weddings in the same way. Couples have their legal ‘marriage’ (or partnership) in a register office. They’re signing on the dotted line with the minimum of fuss.

Their real ‘wedding’ happens elsewhere with all of their friends and family present. That’s the true celebration and separating it from the legal requirements frees a couple to make their wedding special and unique.

Statutory Register Office Marriage/Partnership

It seems to be the case that many register offices will try to hide from you that the UK government dictates a statutory minimum marriage / partnership which they must offer for a set price.

The information I’m giving here has been taken from the Cumbria Registration Service‘s webpages and is correct at the time of writing.

Such a statutory registration of a marriage will cost £57* (£46 for the ceremony and £11 for a certificate).

You’ll also have to pay for giving notice of your intention marry/partner-up and, probably, a booking fee*. And that’s it!

* this is my inexpert interpretation and some fees vary for foreign nationals.


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