Non-religious humanist weddings in the Lake District.


Non-religious, humanist weddings are pretty much anything you want them to be.

As a result, you won’t be constrained by tradition, or expectation, by dogma or rules. I can write a non-religious humanist wedding ceremony for you and about you so that it will truly reflect you. Long or short. Indoors or out. Your choice of music or none at all.

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My name is Robert. Humanists UK have trained and accredited me as a wedding celebrant. You can find out more about me HERE.

Because I’m a humanist, I recognise that we are all unique people with only this one life to celebrate. I can write a wedding for you that will reflect your unique story and personality and provide wonderful memories for you and yours.

What is a humanist wedding?

What is a non-religious humanist wedding? Wouldn’t it be great to start your married life with a ceremony that really means something? Tell your friends and family what your relationship means to you. Let them know why you’re getting married. Tell them what you love about each other. What makes you laugh? What were your best shared experiences?

Many people who aren’t religious are looking for a wedding that is more flexible. They want something more personal than a civil or register office ceremony.

A humanist non-religious wedding ceremony gives you the opportunity to marry where you want. You can marry when you want and how you want. There’s no set script. It’s too personal an occasion for that. Instead, you can tailor your wedding to meet your particular requirements. You can set the tone that’s right for you and choose your own words and music.

Humanist weddings are perfect for couples who would like:

  • A meaningful ceremony that isn’t religious
  • An outdoor ceremony or a location that isn’t licensed for civil weddings
  • The flexibility to create a personal ceremony that is unique to them
  • To celebrate their marriage with family and friends but without legally registering it – perhaps they have already undertaken the formalities overseas, for example.

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If you’ve got questions about humanist weddings then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to chat and there’s no obligation.

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When you’re ready to take it to the next stage and start the planning process then we’ll arrange a mutually convenient meeting where I’ll ask you lots of questions (and answer them too) to build up a good picture of you both as a couple. It’ll be the basis for my writing your wedding.

If you like me, then we’ll agree the date for the wedding and I’ll ask for a deposit

Then you’ll get a first draft of your personalised wedding script from me and we can then fine tune it to your exact requirements.

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So, just for a chat to get some ideas or to take things further. Get in touch!

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If you’ve got any questions, or you’d like to make an appointment to get the ball rolling on your wedding, then please phone me on my mobile number or fill in the contact form below.

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“ABSOLUTELY PERFECT – thanks so much just what we wanted, the right tone, just the right length, love that all the kids are involved.  Brilliant job.”


“What a magnificent wedding celebrant! Robert is warm, characterful and very calming. He tells a great story and comes highly recommended for anyone wanting a personal and unique ceremony.”


“Lovely warm words for a beautiful ceremony.”


“A calm authority but not impersonal. Robert has great presence and delivered a heart-warming ceremony.”


“I just loved how Robert celebrated this wonderful occasion. He was a great presence and brings loads or warmth and whit.”